Our Company


Bees & Trees Honey was founded while my family and I were living in New Zealand from 2009-2012.  Based in Atlanta, Georgia, I continue to carefully manage all aspects of the business with frequent trips to New Zealand and lots of time video conferencing.  The pristine environment of New Zealand is world-renowned. Our cropping sites are mostly surrounded by native forests, and they are remote even by New Zealand standards.  Our honey comes from the Taranaki region and we believe that the micro-climate of this region contributes to the superior taste of our honey.  Our bees are looked after carefully to maintain the health and strength of each colony year-round.  All this is done so they can do one thing especially well—produce for you, our customer, one of the world's best tasting, and most amazing all natural health-beneficial products, Bees & Trees Manuka Honey.

Mike Everly, Founder

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