Our Manuka Honey


We named our manuka honey Bees & Trees to reflect the all natural aspect of our manuka honey and how it is produced.  New Zealand has a worldwide reputation as a "clean & green" place, and by world standards much of New Zealand has been only lightly touched by the impact of human development.  Our manuka honey is region specific, produced in Tarananki, which is on the west central part of the North Island.  The areas where we produce our manuka honey are remote even by New Zealand standards.  Much of the land either borders on, or is part, of publicly owned native forest reserves.

Our manuka honey has a wonderful sweet, buttery & bold taste.  It is not as strong as some manuka honey, and lacks the bite or strong after taste of some.  The micro-climate in the Taranaki region contributes to the superior taste of our manuka honey.

  Our manuka honey is region specific, and we produce all of the manuka honey that we sell.  We don't buy honey from other producers.  We are not aiming to sell the most manuka honey, just the best.

We use independent Labs to test and certify the level of dietary Methylglyoxal (MG) in our honey.  The health and wellness benefits of Manuka honey are directly related to the concentration of MG which is reported in mg/kg.  Typically, we'll sell our honey that is in the range of 400-550 mg/kg of MG.  This range is considered highly active Manuka honey, and will provide very good results for most health and wellness applications.  

Our manuka honey is raw and unprocessed.  The bees make it, we extract it and pack it in glass jars, that is it.  We avoid blending, pasteurizing, and other processing common in the industry.  Our manuka honey is packed in a glass jar with a wide opening for several reasons.  Glass does not interact with food, you get only 100% pure Manuka honey from our jars.  The wide opening allows you to enjoy every drop more easily, and glass shows off the beautiful color of our Manuka honey.


Our manuka honey is independently certified for place of origin.  High value products like manuka honey are at risk the world over from mis-labeling or adulteration.  We know exactly where our manuka honey comes from, and thanks the certification by Oritain, so do you.  See www.oritain.com/32DK47 for details.