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We love what we do every day at Bees & Trees.  Bringing the highest quality Mānuka honey from New Zealand to our customers is something we are passionate about.  Nothing gets us more motivated than the feedback we receive via our product reviews, and phone calls/e-mails from our customers.  If you ever have a problem, tell us and we’ll make it right.  If you have a story of amazing results from use of our honey, please post a review to share your experience with us and our other customers.  
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Neutral, has not helped my gut issues

Manuka Honey Mid-Activity 350+ MG/kg

Manuka Honey 3 Jar Bundle
Martin Matthews
Best honey EVER !!

After extensive research, tasting many different kinds of honey over the years and then actual tasting this honey, there is NO comparison and I will never purchase any other honey again but Bees & Trees Manuka honey, period.

So far so good!!

550 Manuka honey

The 550...haven't tried the 830 yet but the 550 has helped my gut issues. Not as much distress and it tastes amazing. Don't ever want to be without this natural reliever.


Taste great!

550+ Manuka Honey High Activity

This Honey is the best! It has made my digestion so much better, and I feel good when I have it for a sore throat or need a little sugar to enhance my toast or treats. I am really so very thankful I found Bees and Trees, Manuka Honey. Thank you! So Happy


We just love this stuff. Maybe bigger jars are needed. We use this in just about everything.

The best honey ever!!!

I have this honey everyday! Love it!

Love the taste!

Best Natural Medicine yet! currently using the 550Mg

I use the 550 Mg Honey when I first feel a sinus infection/Rhinitis coming on - melt some in some hot water; add some additional filtered water and add to my neti pot/nasal lavage - for a sinus rinse. I have not gotten a sinus infection or cold since I have been using this method.
Also my hubby had a sun sore on this face that was not healing and was very tender - we tried EVERYTHING... nothing worked until this honey actually began to heal it.
This bought him some time until he could get to the dermatologist to make sure it was not cancer and have it burned off forever.

Great product

Used this on a couple of burns I had and it took the pain away immediately. Helped them heal very quickly.

Best Honey!

I’m so happy I found your company. I’ve been searching for a quality Manuka honey company that is also environmentally friendly. The cost isn’t outrageous thankfully, and your shipping is fast. I also appreciate all the information you put on your website and the emails you send out. It’s very informative.
Thanks for all you do!

very impressed, it cleared up my cough quickly.

My husband loves this honey!

3 jars

I am liking this sweet treat

Manuka Honey 3 Jar Bundle
Paulette Zornig
3 Jar Bundle

I love all the honey and the packing was awesome!

Manuka Honey Founder's Reserve 830+ MG/kg

Manuka Honey 3 Jar Bundle

Good first experience

Web site very informative and easy to read , Ordering very easy , delivery super fast , tastes great . Hoping for positive results


It was well packed. There were no instructions on how or how much to use.

Hi Janet. Thank you for your purchase with us. We don't include instructions on use, primarily because there is no official dosage protocol for Manuka Honey. That being said, we recommend having 1tsp or 2tsp daily if you’re adding it to your daily wellness routine. You can certainly use more if you’re working to fend off a cold, cough or sore throat. If you’re looking to help manage acid reflux, we suggest having 1/2tsp to 1tsp twice daily, preferably morning and evening.

I hope this is helpful and please let us know if you have any further questions.

I haven't tried Mg530 long enough yet and cannot give you feedback now.

Buttery sweet

Awesome, awesome, one of the best honey l ever tasted!

Great 👍

It’s been doin what I need it too

I have complete antibiotic resistant ureaplasm bacteria infection and this honey 850mg has been keeping enough of it at bay that my kidneys don’t get infected and the pain is bare minimum. Will definitely have to buy more and keep eating it but it’s a life saver for the moment. Keeping my bacteria from spreading and harming me.