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We love what we do every day at Bees & Trees.  Bringing the highest quality Mānuka honey from New Zealand to our customers is something we are passionate about.  Nothing gets us more motivated than the feedback we receive via our product reviews, and phone calls/e-mails from our customers.  If you ever have a problem, tell us and we’ll make it right.  If you have a story of amazing results from use of our honey, please post a review to share your experience with us and our other customers.  
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I love the viscosity and taste of this honey. Love the purity and the health benefits

I’ve had other Manuka honey but this Bees & Trees has la much better taste. I’m scheduled for knee replacement and I am planning to use it for healing.

Excellent honey
Excellent company

I haven't had much, but it tastes good. It came quickly.

Bees & Trees Founders Reserve 830+ Manuka Honey

🐝 's & 🌳 's is awesome Manuka Honey at 830+. It ranks in the tope 3 of all Manuka Honey brands I have tried.

Each jar and free mug was wrapped very nicely and protected. They looked like little honey combs in a box.

Love my free mug

Love the taste and how thick it is. I am very happy to have come across your shop and glad I got the three jar subscription.

Love the Manuka Honey in smoothies, bake goods. Also is great as a wound healer and face masks!!

Mānuka Honey High-Activity 550+ MG/kg

This 🍯 is amazing!

I love the taste. I bought some for my best friend and my mom and they love it too.

Delicious Honey

I have never been a honey eater.
Because of the anti inflammatory properties, I decided to try it. I put a teaspoon of Manuka honey in my tea every morning. I love it. I also make green ice tea with Manuka honey and mint leaves.

I didn’t know honey could be this good!

I use honey often in recipes and tea. I had no idea it could be this good! This is the most flavorful, best texture honey I’ve come across! Amazing taste and blends beautifully into hot tea. I do feel like I’ve noticed my immune system doing better in the month I’ve been using it too!

Healing Honey

Battling a systemic inflammatory response from Sibo.
Replaced my regular raw Honey with the Manuka 830+ and seeing some of the fluid retention go down; I will definitely continue with this honey 🍯 🙏🏼

Great Product

The honey is delicious and has helped with my irritated throat. I really enjoy it in my morning coffee.

Mānuka Honey 3 Jar Bundle
Georgette Pelletterie
3 Jar bundle

Excellent products. Will order again.

Mānuka Honey Mid-Activity 350+ MG/kg


Its not sweet but has an interesting flavor. I use it mainly to sweeten coffee because its not TOO sweet

Mānuka Honey 3 Jar Bundle
Michael Di Battista

great product

I like it!

I have a teaspoon everyday. Hopefully it keeps me healthy. I find it quite expensive but if it makes healthy it is worth it.

Delicious Honey

I love your honey. I eat a teaspoonful in the morning or spread it on toast!! Yum!!


What a treasure this Manuka honey is. Thank you for this opportunity to enjoy Mother Nature's gifts!