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We love what we do every day at Bees & Trees.  Bringing the highest quality Mānuka honey from New Zealand to our customers is something we are passionate about.  Nothing gets us more motivated than the feedback we receive via our product reviews, and phone calls/e-mails from our customers.  If you ever have a problem, tell us and we’ll make it right.  If you have a story of amazing results from use of our honey, please post a review to share your experience with us and our other customers.  
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Best Tasting Manuka

I have tried other brands of Manuka Honey, but this is by far the best tasting and most beneficial to me. I believe it has a natural healing power plus it is delicious and I just love eating it right out of the jar 😃 Thank you Bees & Trees!

Love this!

Our family loves this stuff! We use in in our green tea with ginger root and the health benefits are amazing.


Had digestive issues. Couldn’t take reflux meds any more. Tried Bees and Trees manuka honey 550+ and my system seems much better. There are still certain foods I can’t eat but that’s ok, I really don’t need them. Thank you Bees & Trees.

Miracle Product!

Ordered this honey as a last ditch effort to help a horse with a nasty leg wound, infected and resistant to antibiotics. We packed her leg with this honey as it healed and she is now back at 100%! It's now our first go-to for any injury, both horse and human. Literally life saving.

Love this honey!

Tastes great and has nice texture and consistency.

Best tasting golden honey ever!

This honey is amazingly good. Bought some for my adult kids and they said they have never tasted a honey this good. We can all use healing from inflammation. Just started using it in my zen tea and it’s wonderful right off the spoon.

Best Honey on the Planet.

Nothing like it...

Manuka Honey Mid-Activity 350+ MG/kg

Manuka Honey Mid-Activity 350+ MG/kg

Love this honey!

I have tried many different honeys and this is by far the very best!
I will be placing another order soon.

Good Taste

Texture is different from regular honey, but the taste is very good. Soothes my throat and is good in tea and cereals. Looking forward to other health benefits.

Manuka Honey Mid-Activity 350+ MG/kg

Great product!

This stuff is amazing! It has helped heal my acid reflux,I no longer take meds. It's also helping with IBS symptoms as well. Great taste too.

Have been feeling great since starting this honey!

This is great

This is my second jar has really helped my acid reflux!

Miracle Honey!

I have suffered from incessant GERD for about four years, trying every over-counter and herbal product I can find, making dietary and lifestyle changes, etc. I also have Lyme disease and two other tickborne co-infections that cause a variety of symptoms and keep me in a near-constant state of inflammation. 2 weeks ago I received my first jar of this honey and for the first time in years, I was not kept awake at night by acid backing up into my throat. I was even able to eat a spicy meal without repercussions. I can get through a work day without popping 1-2 Pepcids. This is completely life-changing. I hope that others read this review and take a chance because this stuff is 110% worth it. I take 1 tsp in the morning and another before bed, sometimes a half tsp before dinner depending on what I'm eating. Just ordered four more jars - I never want to be without this!


The 830+ honey tastes amazing. I will be buying more!

My stable cure all

The honey is delicious and very good.

its ok nothing special

i really dont feel any different , the taste is a liite different.


Ordering more

No difference

I've been using the honey for 2 weeks now I don't see any difference with my reflux and my wife has had a cold for 3 weeks she thought it might help ..nothing so I personally don't think it's worth the money I spent on it ..on the upside it taste delicious ty

I love this honey!

I have severe GERD and have been on PPIs for many years. After reading a disturbing study linking long term use of PPIs and a 44% increase in the development of dementia, I went looking for alternative treatments. I came across an article on the benefits of manuka honey for GERD and decided to give it a try. Let me tell you this is a game changer! I have seen immediate positive results, so much so that I'm now set up for monthly deliveries! I'm impressed not only with the quality and taste of the product but with the rapid delivery and the packaging. I'm so happy to have found such a great company!

Great taste

I use this in my coffee and hot tea. Love the flavor.

Excellent product

Has been helpful for gastric reflux and inflammation. IBS is well controlled within days of use!