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We love what we do every day at Bees & Trees.  Bringing the highest quality Mānuka honey from New Zealand to our customers is something we are passionate about.  Nothing gets us more motivated than the feedback we receive via our product reviews, and phone calls/e-mails from our customers.  If you ever have a problem, tell us and we’ll make it right.  If you have a story of amazing results from use of our honey, please post a review to share your experience with us and our other customers.  
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Manuka Honey Mid-Activity 350+ MG/kg


Very efficient with shipping order. The honey is a little strong for my taste. I try to put it in coffee or tea. Hard for me to eat straight out of jar! Hope it helps with my gi problem.

Great product - worth every dollar

I am happy to say this manuka honey has improved my gut health.

Fantastic Product

I've had a sore throat for 11 months, ever since getting covid. I've tried many pharmaceutical and holistic remedies. None worked, until this manuka honey... I've had it everyday in an herbal tea not only is it yummy, I finally feel better..love it!!

Manuka Honey Founder's Reserve 830+ MG/kg

Absolutely adore this product

I got a wound on my leg 3 months ago and it is still painful and no where near healed.
Recently I got a severe wound on my arm and in 19 days it looks amazing, I owe it all to Manuka Honey 830+mg.

I Love Bees and Trees Manuka Honey!

With a change in diet and Bees and Trees Manuka Honey, my acid reflux has disappeared! I was on medication for months for my acid reflux and it never touched it. I stopped all medication, changed my diet and started taking Manuka Honey and the reflux is gone. I’ve recommended it to several people. I’ll continue to use it daily. Thank you!

Manuka Honey 3 Jar Bundle

Manuka Honey Founder's Reserve 830+ MG/kg

Response to request for review.

I take a good spoonful every day as I’m fighting metastatic breast cancer think overall it helps but don’t know exactly where. Am also almost 88.


I like switching between 350 and 550 for my family’s immunity and gut health. Thank you for delicious honey and no plastic!!!

Manuka Honey is delicious and worked well on my stomach with the acid reflux.

Love this honey!

Bees and Trees Manuka Honey has saved my life

I am a survivor of long covid that almost killed me 3 years ago. I have scar tissue in both lungs and many covid related health problems. My Doctor can not believe how far I have come and the progress I have made. I started using manuka honey when I got out of the hospital and rehab. I did not get home for 2 months. I had trouble finding the right honey and finally found Bees and trees. I am a singer and I have been singing again. The Dr says keep up what you are doing! I have scar tissue in my lungs but my oxygen levels are great. It is Bees and trees Manuka honey that is healing me!!

Excellent honey

I’m most pleased with this Manuka Honey. Not only is it very tasty, it is helping with my heartburn. I will be buying more!


Love this honey!

Manuka Honey 3 Jar Bundle

Manuka Honey High-Activity 550+ MG/kg

Manuka Honey 830÷

I must say this honey is a miracle in a jar for my heartburn! Thank you!

Happy so far

Too soon for a review

Makes everything taste better

know matter what I put it in provides health benefits


I’ve really enjoyed better sleep with your product !!

Your honey

I’m loving the honey it’s starting to help my gut plus it tastes amazing! Love the great customer service and I have every attention to continue using Bees and Trees Manuka Honey the reserve 830 MG


This honey came right in time as my family was coming down with sore throats. Completely coated our throats so we could sleep at night and tasted so good.

Awesome taste!

I love the taste!! I was having some stomach trouble and nothing was working and I started taking a tsp a day and it helped my stomach so much!!!!