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We love what we do every day at Bees & Trees.  Bringing the highest quality Mānuka honey from New Zealand to our customers is something we are passionate about.  Nothing gets us more motivated than the feedback we receive via our product reviews, and phone calls/e-mails from our customers.  If you ever have a problem, tell us and we’ll make it right.  If you have a story of amazing results from use of our honey, please post a review to share your experience with us and our other customers.  
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Best Discovery Ever!

I’ve had digest issues for 30 years, I also have had Barrettes esophagus for many years. I found Bees and Trees Manuka Honey and I’ve never felt this good! I tried other Manuka honey but this is by far the best! Creamiest and best tasting of all! I’m off all of my meds and feel terrific! Bonus, my dog has Cushings disease and a collapsing trachea, my vet is really impressed with how much this has helped her! I’m a Bees and Trees supporter for life!

It does make a difference.

This honey helped close a wound that had been open and draining for six weeks. It only took a week to close after using the honey on the wound. I took a teaspoon of honey for a sore throat and no more sore throat. I am so thankful I found out about Manuka honey from my hand surgeon’s P.A.

Is helping with my gastro issues.

Excellent Taste

I'm hoping for healthy things from this amazing product and I need another month to decide, but just based off taste, it's great

Amazing Honey

Wonderful tasting honey and works great for my acid reflux. For reference I purchased the 550mg and take 1 tsp in the morning. I take it straight.

🐝🐝 Fabulous!

I purchased the Manuka Honey as Mother’s Day gifts for some clients & friends and the recipients loved it! I have become a raving fan and will continue to spread the word about this fabulous product. ❤️Manuka🐝🍯

Pleasantly surprised - it really works!!

I am aware of the benefits of Manuka Honey but until I actually used it for myself, I am pleasantly surprised how it has helped with GERD, fight a cold and cough and saw my husband’s finger heal almost overnight from a deep cut. I am a believer!!

550 MG Honey

I appreciate all the healthful benefits that Bees & Trees can provide. I gave a jar to my son for his sinus infection and told my friend that has esophageal issues about it. I take it morning and night as a matter of health maintenance.

Bought it for acid reflux. Hasn’t worked yet.


Love this honey!! I take a spoon every day!


I’m we have used it several times now topically with incredible results. Currently giving a dab to my cat with stomach issues with extremely good results.

Good stuff!

I enjoy the 550mg tremendously! Bonus it tastes great!

We love our honey!

We use it medicinally as well a a sweetener. Seriously, it’s almost magic!

Really great honey

I love that Bees and Trees gives you so much information on their products. They keep you informed on the processing of your order and let you know when the products are delivered. The honey is absolutely delicious!

Best ever

Love, love, love this honey. Nothing beats the taste and texture!

Immune Boosting; Best Tasting

I have had a heaping teaspoon of the 550 Bees & Trees manuka honey every morning on my toast or in my fruit/yogurt/granola every morning for a few years now (tasty & less sweet than regular honey) and have only been sick once after a traveling for a family holiday without my honey. I’m sold.

Great Tasting Honey!

This is the first time I've tried this honey, recommended by my sister, and it is delicious! I also love that it comes in a glass jar and not plastic. I will definitely order again!

Manuka honeys Founders Reserve 840+

Great taste, amazing flavor and the medicinal benefits with this product are amazing!!!

Love Bees and Trees honey

Got rid of Gurd and H-pylori stomach infection.

Manuka honey

Very pleased. After a yr takeing 1 or 2 teaspoons a day. No more acid reflux & A1C stays at a good No.

Native New Zealand Honey
Allen Christison

Excellent honey

The Best

I have purchased other Manuka Honey products in the past. Bees & Trees is by far the best product! Do not hesitate to buy it!

Manuka tummy helper

Brought fir my Husband who had IBS. He had tried everything. I mixed this with ginger tea and it has settled it down to sleep. I have home take teaspoons besides in tea. Up to two a day.

Very satisfied

Best honey ever

It has helped with my cancer and gets me thru the day with achy bones - arthritis and any other issue in my body .. The Best Medicine