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Manuka Honey High-Activity 550+ MG/kg

Temporarily Out of Stock - Due to the COVID slowdown in ocean freight transit times, our shipment of honey from NZ is delayed. We are accepting orders, which we expect to ship in the order they are received starting August 25th.

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Pure New Zealand Manuka Honey.  

We have just received our next "high-activity" batch release, from our Summer 2020 harvest, and has tested to be a very active 550+ Methylglyoxal (MG).  Absolutely delicious flavor... (380g/13.4oz)

Here's a copy of the most recent lab test —> Download the independent Laboratory Test Report.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 291 reviews
Rebaka Sultana
Extremely Sweet

Didn’t taste like the real honey. It’s extremely sweet than any other Manuka honey I’ve ever tasted. Curious if they use sugar solution to give the bees or something farmed like setup. Otherwise true pure raw honey will have a strong flavor and slight warm taste to it. It didn’t have that try of natural feel.

Charlotte Wentz
Love Bees & Trees Manuka Honey

I was on reflux meds for years and all of a sudden my medicine turned my system upside down and I had to go off of it. I read somewhere that Manuka honey would help with indigestion, it does. I put some in my coffee in the morning and it seems to be helping me throughout the day and I haven’t had reflux at night since I started using it. Thank you Bees & Trees for your ad, I read your research material and it helped me decide to try Manuka honey.

Janet Sowers
Manuka honey

Wonderful service. Ordered item was not delivered to my porch as stated by UPS. Promptly dealt with by sender. Honey was used in an immune elixir that I make. An old Appalacian recipe.

Love it!

Been so happy with taste & texture! Has helped with acid reflex & my ulcers are gone!👍 Have recommended to many friends.😍

Paula L Roth
Amazingly versatile and helpful

This honey has been on my radar for a few years. I have used a brand from the health food store with moderate success. It had a lower MGO, however. When I saw your ad and studied the company, I bought some and will order more! ❤️

Choosing Your Mānuka:

Shopping for Mānuka honey requires an understanding of the testing, ratings, and labeling standards that describe the potency or bioactivity of the honey. Region of origin and honey production methods differentiate premium Manuka brands.

Good Labeling for Manuka Honey–MG or UMF

Manuka Honey labels should always tell you the levels of MG (dietary methylglyoxal) in the honey. MG is a naturally occurring organic compound found in Mānuka honey that correlates to its antibacterial properties. The higher the concentration of MG, the stronger the wellness and healing properties. UMF(Unique Mānuka Factor) is an alternative scale that also correlates with the levels of MG in the honey. Avoid brands that use other, non-MG measures or nomenclature.

Small-Batch vs. Commercial Production

Our Mānuka honey is raw and minimally processed. The bees make it, we extract it and pack it in glass jars, that's it. Unlike much commercially produced Mānuka honey, we avoid blending with other honeys, pasteurizing, or otherwise over-processing commonly found in the industry. Consider this when you are choosing your brand of Mānuka!

Where Did My Honey Come From?

All Mānuka honey should come directly from New Zealand – the only place it can be authentically produced. Bees & Trees Honey carries the New Zealand FernMark License, which certifies native New Zealand products. Our Mānuka honey is region-specific to Taranaki, and we produce all of the Mānuka honey that we sell. Straight from our honey farm to your table, our Mānuka honey is pure and completely ours. We are not aiming to sell the most Mānuka honey, just the best.

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