Taranaki Kiwi Trust and Bees & Trees Honey: United Against Threats to Kiwi Survival

The Taranaki Kiwi Trust is a beacon in New Zealand's ongoing fight to protect the beloved Kiwi bird, an iconic species integral to the country's natural heritage. The Trust's Community Trapping Project stands as a crucial line of defense against one of the kiwi's most significant threats - introduced pests.

New Zealand's unique ecosystem evolved over millions of years in isolation, resulting in a diverse array of species that exist nowhere else on earth. However, the introduction of mammals such as stoats, rats, and possums has had a devastating impact. These pests prey on kiwi birds and their eggs, drastically reducing their numbers, and pose a significant obstacle to the birds' survival.

Bees & Trees Honey, through its New Zealand beekeeping arm, Forest & Bees Native Honey, is one of the many community partners playing an active role in mitigating this threat. They contribute to the pest control efforts on their land, the Takou Bush, as part of their commitment to preserving New Zealand's unique biodiversity, a vision led by founder Mike Everly. 

The protection of the kiwi bird and the restoration of its habitat is a cause that resonates deeply with New Zealanders. This shared passion is reflected in the growing number of community partners working alongside the Taranaki Kiwi Trust. Together, they are not only ensuring the survival of the kiwi today but also safeguarding the future of these precious birds, a symbol of New Zealand's rich natural heritage.

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