Bees & Trees Honey and Rotokare Scenic Reserve Trust Partnership

The Rotokare Scenic Reserve Trust is a community-driven conservation project situated in Taranaki, New Zealand. It is committed to the preservation and restoration of native ecosystems across the 230-hectare inland lake and the surrounding landscapes of the Rotokare Scenic Reserve.

The trust's mission is to build a sanctuary for New Zealand's unique wildlife, bolstering biodiversity, and providing a place where future generations can connect with the country's natural heritage.

Six years ago, the trust formed a fruitful partnership with Bees & Trees Honey, through their New Zealand beekeeping subsidiary, Forest & Bees Native Honey. This partnership involves the placement of beehives within the reserve each season, with the produced honey being donated back to the reserve for fundraising purposes.

The collaboration took a significant stride forward last year when Forest & Bees Native Honey assisted the reserve in purchasing a strategic 75-acre parcel of land. This land links the existing Rotokare reserve with a large tract of native forest to the east. This expansion aims to convert the farmland back to native forest, providing a migratory corridor for the native bird species within the reserve to the nearby native forest. This expansion will significantly increase the reserve's impact, facilitating the reintroduction of several bird species that require more space than the existing reserve could previously provide.

As part of this partnership, Bees & Trees will sustainably produce honey from this land while it gradually reverts to native forest over the next 30 years. This innovative approach not only supports the financial sustainability of the reserve but also contributes significantly to the regeneration and preservation of New Zealand's native forests.

This collaboration between Bees & Trees Honey and the Rotokare Scenic Reserve Trust is a testament to how businesses and conservation organizations can synergize their operations for the betterment of the environment, creating sustainable economies while preserving and restoring New Zealand's unique natural heritage.  Click here to learn more about the Rotokare Scenic Reserve.