Bees & Trees Honey and New Zealand Native Forest Restoration Trust Partnership

The New Zealand Native Forest Restoration Trust (NZNFRT) is a national organization with a resolute commitment to protecting and restoring the indigenous forests of New Zealand. It operates by purchasing land with significant ecological value and managing it to ensure the survival and prosperity of New Zealand's native fauna and flora. Over its lifetime, the trust has safeguarded over 7,000 hectares of native forest, creating vital habitats for numerous endangered species.

The Trust's impactful work has drawn the attention of like-minded partners, one of which is Bees & Trees Honey. Through its New Zealand beekeeping arm, Forest & Bees Native Honey, Bees & Trees Honey has partnered with the NZNFRT to purchase a 550-acre block of marginal farmland in Taranaki. This collaboration aims to retire the land from agricultural use and restore it to its original state as a native forest.

In an innovative approach, Bees & Trees Honey contributes to the regeneration process by producing Manuka Honey from the land. Manuka trees are among the first species to colonize retired farmland, providing the perfect conditions for honey production while the land is regenerating back to a native forest. This mutually beneficial relationship allows Bees & Trees Honey to sustainably produce their product while simultaneously supporting the restoration of New Zealand's native forests.

This partnership between Bees & Trees Honey and the NZNFRT is a shining example of how businesses and conservation organizations can work together to protect and restore New Zealand's unique natural heritage, while also contributing to sustainable economic activity.

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