A Unique Tradition: New Zealand Sheep Dog Trials and Bees & Trees Honey

In the rolling hills of New Zealand, where Manuka honey is produced by Bees & Trees Honey, a remarkable tradition continues to thrive. Sheep dog trials, a quintessential part of New Zealand rural culture, are a testament to the symbiotic relationship between the farmer, the dog, and the land. It's a spectacle that the popular Hollywood movie 'Babe' brought to international attention, but in New Zealand, it's a part of everyday life.

The Eltham Takou Sheep Dog Trial Club, nestled in the heart of the Manuka honey producing region, has long been a beloved fixture in the communities of Stratford, Eltham, and their surrounding areas. With a rich history, the Club not only celebrates the extraordinary skill and intelligence of the sheepdogs but also reinforces the close-knit bonds that underpin these rural communities.

Dog trialing has a deep-rooted history in New Zealand, dating back to the late 19th century. The trials test the skills of the dogs - and their handlers - in herding and controlling sheep over a variety of terrains. The sheepdogs, with their sharp intelligence and keen instinct, play a vital role in the agricultural sector, proving invaluable in managing large flocks of sheep.

Bees & Trees Honey, through its New Zealand beekeeping operation, Forest & Bees Native Honey, is proud to be a lead sponsor of the Eltham Takou Sheep Dog Trial Club's annual competition. This sponsorship is part of the company's wider commitment to giving back to the communities at the heart of its Manuka honey production.

For U.S. consumers who enjoy Bees & Trees Honey's Manuka honey, this sponsorship offers a deeper connection to the product's origin. It's a reminder of the unique culture and traditions that exist in the very place where the Manuka trees grow and where the honey is harvested.

So, the next time you enjoy a spoonful of Bees & Trees Honey's Manuka honey, take a moment to imagine the verdant landscapes of New Zealand, the skillful dogs darting through the grass, and the community that comes together to celebrate this long-standing tradition. And know that with every purchase, you're not only getting a taste of this unique region but also contributing to the preservation of a truly remarkable rural culture.