How to Buy Manuka Honey

If you want to buy Manuka Honey with confidence, do a little homework and locate a brand you can trust by checking for the following criteria:
  • MG or UMF ratings on the package—accept no substitute or song and dance on this point.
  • Brand makes activity test results available on their website, or upon request. Test results should indicate the levels of dietary methylglyoxal from an independent testing lab.
  • Compare pricing ($/oz) for like activity honey, armed with the conversion table quoted above, this is very easy. Take care to note the different package sizes in the market (250g, 380g, 500g), which makes price per oz or gram the only viable comparison.
  • Provenance of the honey is independently certified.
  • Hive to jar processing, instead of blending, if taste and food quality are important to you.


To give you a benchmark for the bio-activity level of your Manuka Honey, we've put together a helpful chart:

Manuka Honey Comparison Chart 


Our Promise to You

At Bees & Trees, we’ve worked diligently to produce what we think is the world’s finest jar of honey. Our head beekeeper is a third generation apiarist, and our entire team of beekeepers and employees work to keep our bees healthy and happy. Our hives are flown by helicopter to remote Manuka tree sites, nestled within native New Zealand forests. We extract the honey in our own facility by small batches, and present our product in a clear glass jar. We independently test each batch for bioactivity levels of MG, and we show you our test results. We also independently certify the geographic origin of our honey. We do all of this so that we can provide you with a great-tasting, health boosting honey which you can have ultimate confidence in.