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Native New Zealand Honey

Temporarily Out of Stock - Due to the COVID slowdown in ocean freight transit times, our shipment of honey from NZ is delayed. We are accepting orders, which we expect to ship in the order they are received starting August 25th.

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Pure New Zealand Raw Native Honey.  

New batch arrival! We're excited to add our latest native flower honey to our product offerings (not a Manuka honey). This Summer 2022 harvest offering is a limited production honey, produced by bees foraging primarily on the native NZ Kamahi trees. Great to use for your daily needs, at a very attractive price. Consider adding a jar to accompany your Manuka Honey order! (380g/13.4oz)

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Customer Reviews

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Candace Mercer

The product is amazing. Delivery and customer service were efficient and prompt. The taste is so different than other honey we have tried, and we look forward to health benefits we know will come ! Thanks so much !

Edward Davis

Native New Zealand Honey

Shirley Bruan
Native New Zealand Honey

I first ordered The Native New Zealand Honey several years ago. The $15 price has remained the same. It’s an amazing product, no added colors, velvety and tastes great! Will keep on ordering. I wish I could afford the
Manuka Honey, the Native Honey is good enough.


Was shipped defective lid, which leaked and I lost some MG350 manuka as a result

Hi Helga. We will always (ALWAYS!) take care of any damages encountered in transit. We are shipping a replacement jar out to you tomorrow. Please reach out to us directly whenever you have any issues in the future.


Love it. Excellent honey.

Why Native Honey?

Our raw, hive-to-jar honey will keep you reaching for more!

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