Oritain Certification

We have a simple philosophy about food: where it comes from and how it is produced matters.  This impacts how our family shops for groceries, and it is reflected in how we produce and market our Manuka honey.  Product mislabeling and food adulteration is on the rise globally.  Products under the greatest threat are those of high value with broad market name recognition.  Products like coffee from the Jamaica Blue Mountains or Kona Hawaii, beef from Argentina, Bordeaux wines from France, and Manuka honey from New Zealand are potentially at risk of unscrupulous mislabeling and misrepresentation in the marketplace.

Our company engages Oritain, as their service utilizes science to combat this problem.  Oritain uses geographical differences in the chemistry of the environment to determine specifications of origin.  Plants absorb these natural chemical properties from their environment, and these vary with geographic origin. These properties are subsequently carried through a production chain into products such as honey. These properties are further influenced by processing and thus can scientifically link a honey product to its place of origin. These chemical properties are referred to as a 'chemical fingerprint', that is the collective concentration of many different chemical elements.  Oritain independently archives all of our Manuka honey for their analysis and interpretation.  They can tell us with certainty that a jar of Manuka honey bearing our label did, in fact, come from New Zealand.

We think that matters.  Do you know where your honey comes from...really?


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