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Native New Zealand Honey

Temporarily Out of Stock - Due to the COVID slowdown in ocean freight transit times, our shipment of honey from NZ is delayed. We are accepting orders, which we expect to ship in the order they are received starting August 25th.

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Pure New Zealand Raw Native Honey.  

New batch arrival! We're excited to add our latest native flower honey to our product offerings (not a Manuka honey). This Summer 2020 harvest offering is a limited production honey, produced by bees foraging primarily on the native NZ Kamahi trees. Great to use for your daily needs, at a very attractive price. Consider adding a jar to accompany your Manuka Honey order! (380g/13.4oz)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Richard Bulley

I never received it!!! Got a notice that said it was lost and sent back to sender. I was just waitin for it to come! What say you? I’m sure I’ll love it like my other purchases!

Cheryl Higgins

Every Honey selection has been incredible in quality and Healing

Henry Ring
Great Honey!!

The honey has a fantastic taste! My wife and I have really enjoyed it and will be introducing the honey to our family!

Honey is so delicious

This Honey is a Amazing product I have been feeling under the Weather and I have been taking this Honey every day and it helped tremendously. I will get more for sure, and it tastes so delicious

Kelly Beane
Love this honey!!

This is the most amazing honey I have ever had in my life and I will be getting this honey forever. It has helped me with my reflux and has reduced my allergies. It is so flavorful and it feels so good to drink it. It tastes amazing. The texture is wonderful. I would highly highly recommend this product to anyone. It was worth every single penny.

Why Native Honey?

Our raw, hive-to-jar honey will keep you reaching for more!

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