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April 18, 2018


"Hi, I am a fan and prior purchaser. I am wanting to order two jars of the 'Batch 10'. The website says it's summer 2016. So, unless I am mistaken, it is late summer 2018 in NZ right about now, which makes this batch 2 years old? I am concerned about that and why would I not be getting newer/fresher stock from 2017 or even the most recent harvest?" Cheers, David

That is a great question (and one we get a lot)! Manuka Honey is always aged or grown after harvest, typically for 12-24 months at ambient temperature. This is to allow the MG levels to grow, as the DHA converts to MG naturally. At harvest, the current batch started at about 200 MG and it is now in the 480-520 MG range. So, it takes time for the honey to mature before it is packed and sold. We take a small batch, hive to jar approach, harvesting and packing exactly what the bees make. That is why we put the harvest date and the extraction batch number on the label. Think of it as a fine wine - being 2-3 years old means you are getting a better honey!

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