Weather in New Zealand Causes Uncertainty for Manuka Markets

September 1, 2017

What effect the lack of sunny, warm weather in New Zealand this year causes for international markets is uncertain. While there are currently good quantities of Manuka honey inventory, a lot of it is not high activity Manuka honey. As the NZ government tightens controls and testing on Manuka honey, there is a lot of low activity honey coming onto the market ahead of possible regulations that would alter how honey must be labeled at retail.

Longer term, the upward pressure on pricing of the higher activity honey will most likely continue. In many cases, the highest activity honey produced this season will likely be used to blend lower activity honeys up to a level that will pass the new stringent testing requirements to be labeled a true “mono-floral” Manuka honey.

Of course at Bees & Trees, we don’t do any blending. Our honey is hive to jar, raw, unpasteurized and delicious. We are now carefully selecting our best batches of 2017 honey to put in our glass jars, ready for your kitchen or pantry. More news to come on our 2017 honey later in the year.