Happiness to a Honeybee is a Warm Spring Day!  

November 27, 2017

After a very cold and wet winter in Taranaki, Spring finally arrived mid-October this year.  Our bees are really happy to start to forage and stretch their wings after a pretty dismal September.  Our beekeepers are very busy this time of the year making preparations for the upcoming honey season.  Our hives are being carefully inspected to ensure that the queens are strong and the hives are disease free.  As the weather warms and more pollen and nectar sources are available, the bee numbers start to grow rapidly.  From 10,000 bees over winter, a strong hive will grow to 50,000 bees in January when we put them into the crop.  We are hopeful that the season will be a good one.  Weather patterns and flowering reliability over the past couple of seasons have presented some challenges to the Manuka crop across New Zealand.  So far, this season the weather seems to be cooperating, we are keeping our fingers crossed!