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January 09, 2016

Early January 2016 Manuka Season - Update from the Field

Bees & Trees Manuka bee boxes being transported

Bee activity is building to a frenetic pace as spring gives way to summer in Taranaki NZ. Weather conditions so far have been reasonably good, with some nice hot days but still somewhat cold nights. Reports from the field show the Manuka trees are just coming into flower.

In this picture, our beekeepers are adding boxes to these hives to ready them for Manuka honey production as the spring nectar flows tail off and we begin to see Manuka honey coming in. The queen bee uses the amount of nectar coming into the hive as her key signal to regulate egg-laying. With good flow, she will increase to laying up to 2,000 eggs each day. These eggs will become the foraging bees for mid to late summer as the worker bees only live approximately 6 weeks during this time of the year. We’ve done all we can to be in a good position to get a Manuka honey crop. The results will ultimately be determined by the weather and the flowering of the trees.

Watch this space for updates as the season unfolds through January & February. Manuka honey that is independently certified as to origin and bioactivity level. Honey you can trust.

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