MG 480+ Replaces Bio-Active 14+ - Same great honey!

We've updated our labeling to comply with recently released guidelines from the NZ government, Ministry for Primary Industries.  The new guidelines require only displaying the Methylglyoxal results vs. the old system where producers could either use the MG numbers or the various bio-active ratings (UMF for Unique Manuka Factor, NPA for Non-peroxide activity, etc.).  For years, the labs in New Zealand have been using the MG test as the means for determining the activity level of Manuka Honey.  All that has changed for us is how we display this information on the label.  On our web site, we'll continue to include the old ratings, while our customer's get used to the new system.  Post or e-mail if you have questions about this change, or anything more you'd like to know about Manuka honey in general or Bees & Trees Manuka Honey.