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February 29, 2016

Honeybee on Blossoming Manuka Bush

Nature’s bounty is plentiful in New Zealand’s native forests. The Manuka trees have finished a short flowering season this year in Taranaki. At this time of year, many beekeepers are scrambling to move their hives, harvest honey, and start feeding sugar syrup to the bees. At Bees & Trees, we take a more natural approach. Many of our hives have direct access to the richly diverse native New Zealand forest, in addition to the flowering Manuka trees.

So as our bees are drying and aging the Manuka crop in the hives, they continue to forage and feed on natural nectar from native flowers such as the White Rata pictured here. In this way, we are working with nature to provide a more balanced, natural diet to maintain strong, healthy hives.

Better beekeeping, healthier bees, a careful harvest, and extraction in our Taranaki facility all result in the highest quality Manuka Honey available anywhere.

At Bees & Trees Manuka Honey, we make sure you know where your honey comes from because we know you care. 

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