February 05, 2016

Fresh Manuka Nectar Flowing Into the Hives!

Honeycomb and honeybees

Fresh Manuka nectar is flowing into our hives in Taranaki! The weather has been brilliant of late, and the bees are responding by collecting and storing this beautiful bounty of nature in our hives.

As the bees turn this fresh nectar to honey, they will fill the combs, dry the honey by fanning their wings, and then cap each comb with an airtight wax seal. A few weeks from now, we will carefully extract this honey in our state-of-the-art extraction facility just down the road. It will then go into one of our glass jars to be aged for you to enjoy.

Next stop, your pantry. That’s right, no blending, no heating, no pasteurization, no whipping or creaming. Just pure, natural, raw hive-to-jar honey. Independently tested for activity level, independently verified for place of origin - honey you can trust.

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