Video from recent Manuka Honey harvest in New Zealand
April 18, 2014

Honey Harvest 1 from Mike Everly on Vimeo.   We completed our harvest in New Zealand during March. I get a lot of questions about how we know we are getting Manuka honey in our hives. There are 3 or...

Update on Honey Granulation
April 18, 2014

 Last May, I posted information on honey granulation.  At that time, we had a batch of honey that was a bit more coarsely granulated than our earlier batches.  Through further research and testing we have found the packing process can...

Correlate NPA ratings on our honey to MGO numbers.
September 11, 2013

I've posted a chart that provides the correlation between our honey's bioactivity rating, which we test as NPA or Non-Peroxide Activity to the other predominant scale of MGO or Methylglyoxal, which is stated in parts per million or ppm.

New Zealand Government steps in to set standards for Manuka Honey
September 10, 2013
 New Zealand Government steps in to set standards for Manuka Honey.  Read about upcoming standards that will help protect consumers and give greater confidence regarding honey label claims from New Zealand.